The Sustainability Initiative

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About us
Our planets resources are limited and the different Eco cycles in nature must be, and remain, in balance to keep the planet the way we know it. Lately it has been clear – we are heading the wrong direction. Humanity´s way of living has, from the early 1800´s, slowly created changes in the Eco cycles. Changes affecting our climate, our land, our water, our resources in a negative way. Even the air some of us breath is affected. And the huge of variety of different species of life has been reduced. Today we have reached a point where we need to take a sharp turn and change our way of life. The direction humanity is heading right now is heading for a major disaster.

Its all basic. If we keep using more than grows back we will die sooner or later. And that is what we – humanity - have done – we have been using to much. To much of everything – more or less. That does not work any longer. We have to learn how to work and live with nature and it cycles – not against. The Climate is just one aspect of nature. There are many others.

The Sustainability Initiative was created in response to this, with the aim to create a life in balance and find ways to manage the limited resources of our planet in symbiosis with nature’s many essential Eco cycles. This is not about “it used to be better in the old days” – this is about making sure that our children and grandchildren will be able to live a rich life and enjoy the planet. We need to start working with natures own flow.

The unbalance we have created has led to climate change, scarcity of clean water and air, deforestation and unfertile farmlands, which in turn fuels conflicts, war and creates large flows of refugees.

With a limited amount of time and resources it becomes crucial that we focus on setting the right goals and strategies and organise ourselves accordingly. Politicians and other decisionmakers are many times focused on short term gains, forgetting the long-term sustainable perspective and many times lacking fact-based knowledge, insight and courage. Yes, this change will need a lot of courage, because the changes we have to do are big. And the big change is that life will never again be as it has been. The answer is not any more, BIGGER, CENTRALIZED, MORE and FASTER. The big answer is smaller and personal responsibility. To use the resources coming from this planet in a responsible way, because we only have one planet.

Since it is humans who have created many serious imbalances on this planet, our analysis and actions come from a perspective of sustainability rather than a simplified climate perspective. Climate change is but one effect of these imbalances. Other effects show in water scarcity or so-called dead water or dead land. Communities with sustainable life styles don’t have these problems. Technical solutions are not the only answer here, but we need in fact also nurture another mindset when looking at the world and our future.

  • • The Sustainability Initiative does not relate to any political party or political agenda

  • • The Sustainability Initiative presents concrete and functional suggestions that can be used right now

  • • The Sustainability Initiative’s work is based on research-based facts, knowledge and commitment.

  • • The change that is needed might have it´s answers in enhancing what we already have and sometimes it´s to embrace the unknown and letting go.

The sustainability initiative will work to highlight a sustainable and holistic perspective, beyond political agendas and rhetoric with quick actions. With Sweden as our starting point and base, but reaching beyond national borders with inspiration from best practices, we want to contribute with suggestions, inspiration, creating space for dialogues and networking, question established truths, spread knowledge and facts, and take initiative when we see the need.

Our suggestions and ideas are founded on true sustainability - based on balanced Eco cycles, without overusing the materials and resources provided by nature. And from that point of view our daily challenge are – no matter who we are or where we are – clean water, energy, the context and recycle.

The initiative aims to influence decisionmakers by providing information, methods and tools to make well informed decisions for sustainable communities. Sustainability is our main priority and we want to contribute to a world where new solutions and conscious thinking leads to a society where we can enjoy sustainability both in terms of use of resources and the social structure and wellbeing for people, animals and nature.

The initiative is not a democratic structure, it´s a loose network with a “core” and an advisory board. The advisory boards role is, amongst other things, to make sure that events and activities within The initiative are loyal to our goals and values. Projects or other longer activities are separate enteties, and handled between the participants. The core are the founders, and are those that are more actively involved in getting this started. Connecting with others and growing the network.